Toddler Eating Lunch

Family Meals

In addition to our work in schools, No Kid Hungry also works with health care professionals, child care providers and parents to help more kids get the healthy meals they need. This work helps all children - especially those too young to take advantage of school meals programs.

Some of the ways we’re helping feed children at home:

Improving Access to Existing Meals Programs

National programs like SNAP and WIC exist to help children and families get the food they need. No Kid Hungry is working to make sure more families are enrolled in these critical programs - including immigrant families and others who may not be aware of them.

Reaching Kids at the Pediatrician’s Office

Doctors can be great ways to reach children and parents. No Kid Hungry is working with the American Academy of Pediatricians to increase the number of pediatricians screening children for food insecurity and finding ways to include nutrition programs into child wellness visits, housing services and school-based health care.

We’re also working to help kids through the health care system in other ways, like helping providers include nutrition programs into child wellness visits; health care provided through housing services and schools; and Medicaid health systems.

Helping Kids at Child Care Centers

We’re also working more closely with businesses and community groups providing child care, ensuring that they’re screening kids for food insecurity - and referring their families to resources if they need help.

Providing Food Skills Education

Another way we help kids and families is through Cooking Matters, a program run by No Kid Hungry’s parent organization. Our Cooking Matters team is helping end childhood hunger by providing tools to help parents and caregivers prepare and serve healthy, affordable meals.

In response to requests from parents and caregivers, we're delivering more and more Cooking Matters resources online, from YouTube videos with tips for cooking healthy meals to an online library of easy recipes to budget-friendly tips.

Whether you’re a parent looking for easy ways to cook healthier meals for your kids or a community leader who wants to help local families, our Cooking Matters resources can help.

Listening to Parents

As we look for new ways to help feed children younger than school age, we’re also trying to learn from parents and caregivers.