How We’re Helping Kids and Communities

How Our Grant Funding Supports Communities 

We believe in being transparent and keeping our supporters up to date as we work to ensure our grantmaking is helping communities in greatest need - and is aligned with our equity in grantmaking goals. Here is a high-level look at key metrics related to our granting from July 2020-June 2023.


Notes on “Funding Supporting Communities of Color”:

1. Only reflects funding for grants where race/ethnicity data is available.
2. No Kid Hungry considers a grant as serving a community of color when 50% or more of the population served identify as Black, Latino, Native American, or Asian.

Notes on “Funding Support by Type of Community”:

1. Only reflects funding for grants where geography data is available.
2. Based on grant type, geography is either pulled from an outside data source or self-reported by grantees.
3. Organizations serving larger areas can select more than one geography type, which is why percentages total more than 100.

Note on “Funding Supporting Children Eligible for Free and Reduced-Price Meals”:

1. Only reflects funding for grants where eligibility data is available.